ConverPack’s Sustainably-Sourced Paper Cups meet all Sustainable Forestry Initiative® standards

In 2019, producing high-quality paper products is just as important as producing environmentally friendly paper products that are thoughtfully designed and engineered with sustainability in mind. Leading paper cup manufacturer ConverPack takes its commitment to conservation to the next level by producing sustainably-sourced paper cups Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI®). ConverPack’s responsibly sourced paper cups meet all the requirements of the SFI® COC Standard.

What is the Sustainable Forestry Initiative?

“SFI® is a solutions-oriented sustainability organization committed to forest conservation and community initiatives that demonstrate and enhance our shared quality of life while providing supply chain assurances through standards, data, and authentic stories.”

SFI® works directly with the forestry sector, government agencies, conservationists, teachers, landowners, private companies, and local communities directly impacted by manufacturing. Through these efforts, SFI® leads a collective mission to protect our forests, creates standards to meet that important goal, and designs on-product labels to keep customers informed.


What are sustainably-sourced paper cups?

ConverPack takes numerous factors into consideration as part of its design and manufacturing process. In addition to high quality and performance, ConverPack takes essential steps to protect human health, natural resources, and the environment.

ConverPack’s Ecolyptus® line of products (including its Single Wall Hot Paper Cups, Double Wall Hot Paper Cups, Single Wall Cold Paper Cups, Conical Paper Cups, and Biodegradable & Compostable Paper Straws) are all manufactured under strict environmental guidelines and meet all international quality certification standards.

How does ConverPack protect the environment?

As longtime stewards of the environment, ConverPack is committed to:

  • following rigorous guidelines for achieving the best product design while adhering to an ambitious recycling and waste reduction program
  • implementing practical, sustainably-sourced programs that reduce carbon footprints and minimize the environmental impact of the company’s products and operations
  • sourcing responsible manufacturing materials, from paper and equipment to inks and cleaning solvents
  • dedicating time and resources to continually improve its efficiencies and innovation

ConverPack is proud to be certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (Certificate # ORI-SFICOC-1015439).

Where can I purchase wholesale sustainably-sourced paper cups?

ConverPack’s full line of Ecolyptus® sustainably-sourced paper products is available on their website. Contact ConverPack today by phone or email for more information about the company’s sustainability initiatives and environmentally friendly cups and accessories.