When it comes to temperature, Double Wall Paper Cups are twice as nice

Millions of Americans begin their day with a cup of coffee — and an increasing number of them grab that coffee at a nearby Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, convenience store, corner coffee shop, newsstand, or gas station. To ensure that your day starts off on the right foot (and the right temperature), ConverPack manufacturers durable Double Wall Paper Cups for morning commuters craving a top-quality cup of coffee or tea.

What are double wall paper cups?

As the name suggests, double wall cups are designed with an added layer of protection: two paper walls as opposed to one. Double Wall hot cups are twice as thick (and twice as resilient) as regular, single wall paper cups. As with all of ConverPack’s products, double wall paper cups are made from thick, top-of-the-line paper and designed with smooth rim rolls for optimal customer comfort and safety.

Why do I need double wall paper cups?

Double wall cups offer several unique advantages to coffee, tea, and hot beverage vendors and consumers:

  • Cups with a double wall design provide an extra layer of insulation, so your fresh cup of coffee, decaf roast, or vanilla latte will maintain its temperature for an extended period of time. With a double wall cup, your coffee doesn’t need to get cold before you arrive at your desk.
  • The double wall design also helps keep the heat inside the cup, protecting consumers’ hands from unnecessary burns and ensuring that your customers are comfortable as they transport their morning coffee from the convenience store to the office.
  • With the added layer of protection, sleeves become unnecessary. No sleeves means substantial cost savings, opens up vital real estate at the coffee counter, and guarantees that brand names or logos on your cup are not obscured by a plain cardboard sleeve.

Where do I get double wall paper cups?

Since March of 2019, ConverPack has manufactured double wall hot cups at its South Florida location and distributed them around the globe to a wide range of food and beverage customers. The cups come in 6 convenient sizes and are available in white, new Ecolyptus® stock, or custom designs.

  • Small: 8 oz. Double Wall Hot Cup – 3.68” tall, 3.14” in diameter
  • Medium: 12 oz. Double Wall Hot Cup – 3.98” tall, 3.53” in diameter
  • Large: 16 oz. Double Wall Hot Cup – 5.40” tall, 3.53” in diameter
  • Large – Squat: 16 oz. Double Wall Hot Cup – 4.49” tall, 3.85” in diameter
  • Extra-Large: 20 oz. Double Wall Hot Cup – 5.64” tall, 3.85” in diameter
  • Supreme: 24 oz. Double Wall Hot Cup – 6.97” tall, 3.85” in diameter

Don’t think twice. Contact ConverPack today to order Double Wall Paper Cups and give your customers the high-quality cups they deserve.